Doin Earde is a voyage searching for our past and our roots. It is a tribute we pay to our land, especially to mystic Cansiglio: a pure and untouched place where history and legend live side by side transcending time.
Doin Earde is the land of us as well as the land of everyone. It is the place that once gave us birth and that now guards a world of traditions and values that deserves to be saved and not forgotten.



Fulìsche it’s the venetian word for sparks. Sparks fly away from the element they were born from, and they can be admired for a few moments before they disappear in the dark, as well as people's stories, that we sing about in our pieces. Stories live in the collective memory, and there’s just a short time to appreciate them, before they are forgotten forever. In this album we collect stories from our land, so that the listener can discover them and save them from the oblivion.




Cant del corlo is a concept album about seasons. The four tracks as well as the four seasons correspond to the parts of life: spring is for childhood, summer for youth, autumn is maturity and winter the old age. An introduction and a conclusion open and close the album creating a cyclic structure which symbolizes, as the wheel does, the eternal circle of time and life.
Time is the only force that we still cannot control, that escapes us and that somehow makes us all equal, wiping away every distinction.
The spinning wheel, corlo in our dialect, thus becomes the symbol of this eternal circle which makes and undoes the skeins of wool, as time creates and destroys the lives of people acting like a Demiurge who shapes and manipulates lives to her will.




Tzimbar Bint is a small collection of some of the earliest compositions by Kanseil. Auto-produced in 2013, it was the band's first introduction to the public. It contains a few earlier versions of some songs recorded for Doin Earde, and other pieces available just here. This demo represents a glimpse on Kanseil's early days, on the love felt for the Homeland and their determination to express it.



Fregona (TV), Italy |

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